the Nedtones Vol. 2

By popular request Vol. 2!

front album cover says "the Nedtones Vol.2" with each letter in a diferent colored slanted rectangle box. background is white and letters are white.

Preview the album or individual songs for free, and purchase digital versions to download, all at the bottom of this page on the CD baby music player.


album credits as seen on the inside of the Nedtones Vol. 2 on a light blue and white background
credits as seen on the inside left album cover
Back album cover listing songs from the Nedtones Vol. 2 with a 3 picture composite of Ned playing guitar. The text is on a large light blue rectangle and a small yellow rectangle.
song list as seen on the back album cover
the Nedtones Vol. 2 disk as it looks in the album package. Black and white disk on a blue and white album package background.
disk in packaging
The album package with out disk reveals a hidden image of Ned's hands playing the guitar.
package sans disk

See the cool GIF here.